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Minerva Essay

  • Submitted by: jcioffi
  • on March 24, 2012
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Minerva is motivated to stay strong and to let the people hear what Trujillo is doing to their family, friends, and neighbors. Trujillo is the leader of the Dominican Republic and this makes him a very powerful man. When she was a young girl at Immaculate Conception she had no idea about Trujillo’s true doings. When Minerva’s friend Sinita tells her what Trujillo is really doing Minerva is shocked. Now, as a grown woman, Minerva wants to do everything in her power to destroy Trujillo and to take him down.
Throughout the novel Minerva makes decisions that changes her life forever and that gets her in a lot of trouble. When Minerva discovers how Trujillo came to be and the truth about what he does she makes decisions that mark her for life. Sinita’s stories changed her look on Trujillo forever. “ I lay awake most of that night, thinking about Sinita’s brother and her uncles and her father and this secret of Trujillo that nobody but Sinita seemed to know about.”Minerva makes the decision to attend law school to get the education of a lawyer to help her fight against Trujillo. At the graduating ceremony, as Trujillo is passing out the diplomas, he chooses not to give Minerva one. Minerva is upset but this helps her grow to understand that this is not going to stop her from following her dream.
Minvera’s point of view is different from the views of the other sisters and most people in the Dominican Republic. This is because Minerva is able to stand up for her beliefs and never back down. Her point of view is unique compared to other characters because she isn’t worried about what will happen in the future she is living in the moment and does what she thinks is right not what everyone else thinks is right. Minerva has an independent look on Trujillo and how he is dealing with things. She believes that Trujillo should not be praised or looked up to because he is not a good man. Without Minerva’s point of view there would be no conflict, no romance, and no story....

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