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Midsouth Chamber Of Commerce Essay

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Midsouth Chamber of Commerce (MCSS) is a nonprofit organization established in the early 1900s initially as a form to lobby the legislative against transportation issues and later turned into an aggressive member driven advocacy organization for the business community.   Their original information system was first introduced in 1989 and was primarily based on the workstations approach with no interdepartmental design. The original system was modified a couple of times throughout the years and significant amount of money was spent on these system modifications. Currently MSCC is working with Data Management Associates (DMA), a custom software development group, that is supposed to deliver a more modern system that will meet the growing demands of the organization. The current system's design specifications were estimated at $277,000, yet a handful of   additional obstacles arose even prior to implementation. Sage Niele, a newly appointed Vice President of Operations and Chief Financial Officer, was given a task of managing information systems at MSCC which included fixing the current situation with DMA and creating a direction for the future of information systems at MSCC.
During the 1990s, a reliable and functional system was needed. As a solution, MSCC hired an outside consultant, Nolan Vassici, to review the organizational system and select the hardware and software solutions that would best meet MSCC's needs. Vlassici performed various updates on the system and supported MSCC throughout significant period in the 1990s. In 2003, Simon Kovecki,a computer science graduate, was hired to analyze the capabilities of the current system which turned out to be pretty reliable during that time. As the organization's needs changed over time, the current system lacked comprehensive information systems plan and definitely needed more integration. At this time, MSCC didn't have the representative in the upper management that had information systems experience and expertise....

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