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Microsoft Case Essay

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Individual Case 2
Problem Statement: Determine if Microsoft should purchase and use Ink-in-Motion POP displays to promote its newest X-Box offering, Jade Empire.
Research Objective #1: Conduct a survey of video gamers between the ages of 18-30, who have been exposed to the Ink-in-Motion displays and determine their attitudes and purchase intention before and after the Ink-in-Motion display has been revieled to them as measured on a 5 point scale; 5 being the most likely to purchase because of the display, and 1 being the least likely to purchase.
Research Hypotheses #1: 68% of Video gamers who participated in the survey expressed a high intent to purchase after being exposed to the Ink-in-Motion display.
Research Objective #2: Conduct a survey of retail store managers who are in charge of organizing product displays and determine their attitudes towards the effectiveness of the new Ink-in-Motion display as measured on a scale on a 7 point scale; 7 being most effective, and 1 being the least efective.
Research Hypotheses #2: 60% of retail store managers who particapted in the survey rated the benefits of the Ink-in-Motion display as being highly effective in helping customer with their purchase decision.

Research Design: Causal Research will be employed in this study in order to the determine the effects on both the end consumer and retailers while exposed to regular POP displays and the Ink-in-Motion display. Study will take place in select retail locations where consumers will be exposed to normal displays on one side of the store and Ink-in-Motion displays on the other.

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