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Microprocessors Essay

  • Submitted by: exile89
  • on March 24, 2012
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Question bank
Chapter – 1
8086 Processor
  1. With a neat internal block diagram explain the architecture of 8086 microprocessor.
  2. Explain in detail the Execution unit and Bus interface unit of 8086 microprocessor.
  3. Draw the 8086 flag register format and explain the significance of each flag bits.
  4. What are the general purposes registers available in 8086? Explain.
  5. What is memory segmentation? What are its advantages?
  6. What are addressing modes? Explain in detail with examples the different addressing modes used by 8086 for addressing data memory.
  7. Explain the following instructions:
      a. AAA b. ADC c. CBW d. DAA e. LOOP
  8. Explain with example the shift and rotate instructions I of 8086.
  9. Classify the instructions of 8086 based on the operation performed and give an example for each.
  10. What are assembler directives? Explain in detail any five of them.
  11. Write an assembly level language program to find the sum of 10H bytes stored at location starting from location 1000H and store the result at 2000H in the data segment.
  12. Write an assembly language program to check whether the given number belong to 2 out of 5 code or not.
  13. Write an assembly level language program to sort a given set of 10H numbers in ascending order.
  14. Explain the function of the following pins 8086 microprocessor:
      b. MN /MX b. TEST c. READY d. RESET e. NMI
  15. Explain in detail the maximum mode and minimum mode operations of 8086 microprocessor.
  16. What are macros and procedure? Compare them.
  17. What are the different sources of interrupts in 8086? What are the series of major actions carried out by 8086 in response to an interrupt?
  18. What are the different types of 8086 interrupts? How 8086 respond to the interrupts?
  19. What are the differences in the way 8086 handles an interrupt on NMI pin and an interrupt on INTR pin?
  20. Write a short note on 8086...

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