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Mickey Essay

  • Submitted by: flbss010
  • on March 22, 2012
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Jason Willette is one of the feature characters of David Lindsey-Abaire’s play The Rabbit Hole, and he suffers from a lot of inner stress and turmoil due to an incident that happened to him concerning him and newborn Danny. Jason is a seventeen year old boy who is a relatively awkward and insecure kid. He is a huge fan of science fiction writings and is even an author of his own. He lives with his mother and despite never being explicitly said it can be implied from the writing that his father is dead. Jason’s home life is far from perfect, he is plagued by a guilty conscience and that leads him to doing poorly in school. Jason is a high school student who is struggling both in school and at home due to the guilt he feels about what he did. His counselor and mother have urged him to contact the Corbetts. He writes them, requesting a meeting, and sends along a short story he has penned. In his science fiction story, Jason depicts a father and son who discover a rabbit hole, like a worm hole in the universe that provides an entrance to parallel worlds where there are infinite possibilities. When Becca finally meets with Jason, the young man and his story unexpectedly afford Becca some consolation and hope. Becca and Jason are able to offer each other the support and comfort that she (and presumably he) can’t find elsewhere.
`5Jason is constantly haunted by the fact that he killed the four year old son of Becca and Howie by hitting him with a car on accident. Prior to the death of their son Becca and Howie seemingly had a picture perfect life and a happy marriage but after losing their four year old son they begin to drift apart. Becca withdraws from her social life and her family and there are hints at serious depression. Howie reaches out with a support group where he meets a woman and there are clear implications of infidelity although it is never explicitly stated. It is also revealed that Danny’s grandmother, and Becca’s mother, has been overindulging in wine...

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