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Michael Faraday Essay

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Michael Faraday once said, "Nothing is too wonderful to be true if it be consistent with the laws of nature, and in such things as these, experiment is the best test of such consistency."   He was an influential British chemist and physicist who contributed to the study of electromagnetism and electrochemistry. Faraday helped turn electricity into a property that could be easily used.   Michael was born on September 22, 1971 to a family who was not very well off. By the time that he was fourteen,   he left school and got an apprenticeship at a local bookbinder. During Faraday's extra time at the bookbinder he educated himself by reading books on a wide range of scientific issues. He read theatricals about electricity and a chemistry textbook where Faraday became very interested in magnetism.
  In 1812, he attended four lectures at the Royal Institution that were all given by the chemist Humphry Davy. From these lectures Faraday took three hundred eighty six pages of notes, which he sent to Davy who then offered him the job of chemical assistant at the Royal Institution. Part of Faraday's job now was to help Davy along with other scientist with experiments that they were trying to accomplish. When Davy retired in 1827, Michael replaced him as the Fullerian Professor of Chemistry professor at the Royal Institution.
  Faraday's earlier work focused on chemistry. He made a special study of Chlorine and new chlorides of carbon, and he created one of the most useful pieces of chemistry equipment an early form of the Bunsen burner. Michael found that by mixing air and gas together before lighting it, that it would create a higher temperature. Faraday's model of the Bunsen burner is still used in different laboratories around the world.
  During the 1820's, a Danish physicist named, Hans Christian Oersted discovered that an electric current produced a magnetic field. This is what sparked Faraday to investigate in this field of science. In 1821, Faraday began...

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