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Meth Lab Advertisement Essay

  • Submitted by: brett1911
  • on March 24, 2012
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Meth Lab Ad
 There are multiple ways to make an advertisement powerful and catch the audience’s eye. There are a lot more things than people even realize that goes into an ad. Some of the main things that can go into an ad are type, space, layout, color, use of images, and text. The meth lab ad is an ad that shows a building with a sign in front that says, “meth lab inside” and “grand opening free samples.” I feel that the ad’s sarcastic image, descriptive facts using pathos and ethos, and the features such as color and layout shows that the ad is very strong in getting it’s point across to the audience.
The big picture at the top of the page is the first thing that catches the reader’s attention. This is partly due to the fact that the image is very large and located at the top. The other part is the image uses sarcasm to draw in the reader. The fact that there’s a picture of a building offering free meth will make the audience think. The ad wants the reader to ask himself or herself questions such as, “Is getting drugs such as meth really that easy?” or, “has meth become that big of a problem in our country?” This kind of sarcasm I believe is supposed to draw some kind of comedy at first, but bring the reader to a realization that it’s a serious problem. The use of this image is perfect to get across a sarcastic type of ad is very effective and drawing in readers.
The other half of this ad is the description at the bottom. In this description the ad describes what methamphetamine is, where it is normally found, signs to look for if there is a meth lab near you, as well as information about the organization that printed this advertisement. This part of the ad is where the ethos and pathos come into play. The ad uses pretty descriptive language when describing what meth is as well as when it describes how to spot a meth lab. The ad uses ethos in the bottom right corner of the ad. There’s a website in bold as well as a logo with the name of the company, The...

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