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Merceds Benz Essay

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Today's objective is about the Mercedes Car German company well-known,
Mercedes ancient, imposed itself on all markets in the countries of the world admit rivals even the most durability,
And quality, was and still show the luxury and quality wherever she went, and wherever they appear.

Her story is different from all the other tales, as the greatness of this company lies in the minds of German Abakrien united their company in 1926,
And this union and people's tastes developed in the automotive market, and dramatically, but interesting that these two men have not met in their lives, never,
They were turning points in world leadership and the acquisition and riding cars.

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But now, with category B:
And Mercedes-Benz overhauled the design and engineering of the Mercedes class B.

Beautification programs focused on environmental compatibility and efficiency

And comfort, of course, with further progress made in each area

Of these magazines. The spectrum thanks to a series of
Detailed improvements, and four cylinders of these engines
M now burn fuel up to seven in Almihocod
Less than before and distinguish themselves with remarkably low Anavathatadm which detract from the borders of the European Union
Current by up to 90 percent. Mrsidspenz
Have developed a new ECO start / stop
Function of the high volume of car B150 & B170 models and
, For example, produced to provide Alocodlaisal
To nine percent in practical use.
Additional new developments include the bi-fuel petrol / natural gas Famahrk BlueEFFICIENCY NGT B170. Side by side with the help of the activity and parking Altisaad drivers for both
To find a suitable place to park the car, and the Osmalmnorh. Since it offered the car in the market Fasif
In 2005, and Mercedes-Benz B-Class has evolved into Khthlnoa
New coordinates of the cars between the benefits of vehicle Mvahemmokhtlfah
Four-door models boasts the dynamic design of the car Alsallonariyadah...

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