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Mental Health Approach and Theory Essay

  • Submitted by: swilcox2006
  • on August 19, 2015
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Mental Health Approach and Theory

Stephian Wilcox
PC 6000
July 26, 2015

Mental Health Approach and Theory
This paper will discuss the mental health approach and theory that will define Jane state of mental illness. According to the DSM-V manual Jane is suffering from depression. Just from reading information from the DSM-V, Jane is suffering with anxious distress. Anxious distress is defined as “the presence of at least two of the following symptoms during the majority of days of a major depressive episode or persistent depressive disorder dysthymia” (APA, 2013). Some of the symptoms of anxious distress are as followed: feeling keyed up or tensed, feeling unusual restless and difficult concentrating because of worrying.
The best emotion related theory that fits Jane situation is the Existential psychotherapy. Death, freedom, isolation and meaningless are all part of the existential theory that were developed by Rollo May. Existential therapy deals with anxiety that comes from a person's accomplishments and undertakings, conscious and unconscious to deal with the complex facts of life that are rooted in the person's existence (Fernando, 2007).
Humans are afraid of the event of death and we as human want to live on. Death is inevitable, both our own death and the death of our loved ones. We as human use things to escape death such a ventilation machines and other things to help prolong life. We as humans rather live than to die.   We as humans cannot avoid the freedom we have because it helps to create the world we live in and ourselves. We have to make up our own life stories. Existential isolation refers to the unavoidable fact that no matter how close we may find ourselves to another person, there is a fundamental separateness that we cannot remove. Most people when dying are clearly aware of their isolation. I personally have experienced the death of a loved one and it is painful. It hurt to see them get very mean when they are about to pass away. I...

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