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Men And Women Essay

  • Submitted by: adacro105
  • on March 21, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Men And Women" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

The first issue is that women still earn less than men in many situations. Men obviously are stronger than women so they probably have abilities to do more jobs which may include highER salary but extra danger. For example, the MOST people WHO often work in chemical industries or ON construction siteS are men. Additionally, looking at international sport, IT IS easY to see more successful professional male leagues than their FEmale counterparts.
Another major reason IS baseD on the possibility that women might become pregnant. That means they have a constant responsibility to become a mother and take care of their children. It accidently is AN obstacle for women to keep their work progress continuing because pregnanCY issueS usually takes at least a year to get them back TO the workplaces. Furthermore, while women are pregnant they need to stay away FROM some occupations THAT are in A noxious environment or REQUIRE physical activity.

The final reason is that womEn'S characteristics CANNOT be changed as EASILY as MENS. That means women are too sensitive, feeble, and dependent on everything around them. Doing housework and taking CARE of children instead of going out to work like their husbands, which are things belong to THAT WOMEN HAVE DONE THROUGHOUT hundreds of years of history. While men could think profoundly and solve problems in right ways, women are NOT confident WHEN decidING to do anything, because of shyness or lack of knowledge.

In conclusion, men and women are not truly equal in the workforce. and the responsibility with their family. Women earn far less than men constantly, possibly become pregnant and HAVE difficultly in TRYING to get success with their characteristics. The modern life leadS TO increasing living standardS, so women might have more opportunities to take care of their family and improve their knowledge as well.
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