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Memory Aquistion Essay

  • Submitted by: twocatsboy
  • on April 4, 2014
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Jeffrey Glovsky
Acquisition of memory
  1) The main idea of this article is short term memory and how the human brain can improve it. In this study they tested a college student with how many numbers he could remember over about a year. They would give him number and he would repeat them back, if he got it wrong it was one less number and right was one more number. Throughout the study his skill at remember numbers went from 7 to about 80 digits, it was an exponential increase. He attributed this radical increase because of mnemonics, he would take a number and most of the time relates it to a running time or an age. An example is 854, “85 and 4 months old guy,” this gave some relief to the short term memory. The mnemonics were a huge part of this increase, when he was given numbers that weren’t able to relate to running times his performance decreased and when he was given all numbers that related to running times his performance increased very rapidly. The research shows how he structured the numbers in his head would make it easier to recall them later on, for example 30 numbers would be two groups of 4 a few groups of 3 and so on.   The conclusion was that he didn’t increase his short term memory but his ability to recall smaller groups of numbers, the prime reliability of short term memory tends to be 3-4 units or numbers, his ability to remember more was due to him effectively training his long term memory to partially take over when he was given the numbers as opposed to his short term memory doing most of the work like usual.
  2) This article is extremely relevant to life because of how often we use memory especially as a student in college. How relevant remembering large strings of numbers would be I really don’t know but the fact that this article shows how mnemonics really help for short term memory is something important.
  3) I would be interested in seeing the reaction in the brain between words and numbers. How the subject would...

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