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Memory Essay

  • Submitted by: jiayluo
  • on April 17, 2015
  • Category: Psychology
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Memorization is a major key for preparing for an exam. Understand the memory process is a necessary step in memorization information. Also, because memorization is an important learning straighty, understanding the memory process is helpful in solving problem or answer questions.
In this paper I will describe the steps of the memory process, which are encoding, storage, and retrieval. When a psychology exam approaching, a student starts. By beginning   to memory the course content. The first step to memorization is called encoding. to study and prepare. The process of internalizing information in the brain. Encoding step the   brain   storage information in memory. Encoded information can be stored in sensory information,, short-term memory, and long term memory.For instance, when the brain reads information from a textbook once or twice, it just remains sensory information.. If you read the same information couple more time, sensory memory will turn to short-term memory, which allows you can to remember a small amount of information in a short time. If keeps studying and reviewing the information learned, short term memory will finally turn to long-term memory in which means a small amount of information in a long time. But if student does not review the information, it you will gradually be lost. In addition, sometimes   the information cannot be recalled. This does not the information one’s memory. Once the brains encode and stored information in memory, it must be retrieved and to use in life. The way to access stored information (memories) is called retrieval.
Our brain is like a big working machine. Memory strategies are like lubricating oil that can make the brain work faster and better. For example, attending is a wonderful tool to improve memory. Attending required to extra attention, especially to turn short-term information into long-term information. If attention is divided while studying , for example by playing with a cell-phone, or watching...

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