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Memo Essay

  • Submitted by: cathyyang
  • on March 22, 2012
  • Category: Miscellaneous
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      To: Helen Yan

      From: Cathy Yang

      Date: October 8, 2009

      Re: Operation Instructions of Dishwasher

      This memo gives you a set of brief operation instructions of how to use the dishwasher in our kitchen. Following these you can easily operate it and make your dishes clean quickly.

      The dishwasher has status indicators, five washing cycles’ choices and options touch-up buttons on the top of the door as shown in Figure 1 and inside parts are shown in Figure 2. You can find all of the material which you will use for the dishwasher such as rinse aid liquid, automatic detergent and cloth in the cabinet on the right side of the dishwasher.

                                Figure 1                                                         Figure 2

      Warning: Keep the kids away from the dishwasher for safety.

                        Do not wash plastic items unless they’re marked dishwasher safe.

      Warning: Do not touch the heating elements during or immediately after washing.

      Important: Make sure the rinse aid dispenser (on the right top of inside door showing in Figure 2) is full.

      The operating procedure includes three stages and there’re several steps in each stage.

      Note: Before loading, remove leftover food and hard items from dishes.

      Stage1 Load the dishwasher properly and keep the spray arms from spinning freely.

                    Step 1 Load top rack:

    • Load cups, glasses, plastic and smaller items only in top rack

    • Place items’ open ends face down for cleaning and draining

              Caution:   If the items’ open ends face up, they’ll fill in the water and won’t be cleaned and dried as expected.

    • Place items in the rows between tines

            Step 2 Load bottom rack:

    • Load plates, soup bowls, and pans only in bottom rack

    • Place items between tines and facing inward to the spray


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