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Membership And Retention Essay

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Membership and Retention
March 11, 2012

Throughout the United States, labor unions were established with the main purpose of representing its members working from a variety of fields in the workforce.   Labor unions primary functions are the negotiation of wages, benefits, and overall working conditions for their members.   Some unions to illustrate their strength have strategically aligned themselves with larger organizations such as AFL-CIO and others alike, therefore giving themselves more visibility and credibility to existing and perspective members.  
The power unions had within the United States began to diwindle after World War II.   Statistics show that in 1960 over 1/3 of American workers were affiliated or belong to some type of union and by 2003 these memberships had dropped to 13% (About.com, 2012).   These statistics show the growing concerns of manuafacturing companies trying to remain competitive in todays American Market while foreign competitors make it almost impossible for them to contain the cost of services and products competitively as well as make a profit.   As manufacturing positons begin to decrease labor unions memberships were also affected snce it caused lower salaries thereby making it difficult to cover costs for its members and forcing them to look into new measures in order to remain strong and healthy.
Union Perspective
The strength and survival of a union is defined the number of members, without it they are unable to remain in existence.   Therefore, it is imperative to develop goals and follow the proper steps to accomplish success.   In order to maintain membership unions will need to show their members what can do for them and why they them.   Members want to know and see how their contributions are used and work for them.   More importantly, they want to know that when needed, the union will do whatever it takes to ensure their needs are addressed.   It is in the best interest of the union to have adequate representation in...

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