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Member Of The Wedding Essay

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  • on March 23, 2012
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English 11 AP-4

October 3, 2011
Member of the Wedding
The Member of the Wedding has many motifs and symbols in the story. The one that stood out most were all the numbers. The numbers two, three, and thirteen stood out with Frankie trying to find her sense of belonging.
The first number is two; so much significance to this small number. Two of the many significances with the number two are Frances finally meets the one she belongs with and with the marriage her brother and his fiancé. Through the entire book Frances is struggling to find the one she belongs with, she tries to find that sense of belonging through the wedding but she just ends up making a joke out of herself by wearing a dress to big and in a non matching color.   “But Bernice looked at the orange satin evening dress and shook her head and did not comment” (89). By the end of the story, Frankie finds her belonging with her new friend Mary Little John. The other significance part that came up with the number two is the wedding. The union of two people no more than that. Frankie tries to make it so that she is also becoming part of the family through this wedding.
The second important number is three. In the story three is mentioned many times; two of them are the course of the book happens in three days and Frances changes her name three times. The entire course of the book happens in three days, Frances goes threw a lot of life changing events and has flashbacks to previous events in her life that helps her adjust a little bit better or make it harder on her like her memory of the October fair, “The House of the Freaks was a long pavilion which was lined on the inside with a row of booths” (19). Frances believes that she was going to end up there one day. The second mention of three would be Frances changes her name three times it starts out as Frankie in the beginning then changes to F. Jasmine and then finally to Frances.  
The third number that is mentioned quite often in the...

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