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Medicine River Essay

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  • on April 3, 2014
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Characters are the most important part of any story. Without characters, their would be no plot line, or compelling story. Mastering the ability to create a character’s background, appearance, and personality traits is an important skill to master in order for the reader to understand the character. Whether it be a short story, a biography, or a fictional novel, character development is important to master. In the novel Medicine River written by Thomas King, characters are the entire strongpoint of the novel. The main character of the story, Will, moves back to the town of Medicine River to attend his mother’s funeral, where he meets his friend Harlen Bigbear. With the help of Harlen, Will relives his past, from his days in Toronto as a young adult, and his days as a child in Calgary. Throughout Will’s recollections, the reader is able to look back at all the women that Will had encountered in his past, whether they are independent and non-reliant on their male counterparts in a time where women are supposed to be obedient, or oppressed from the opposite gender.  

The women in the novel Medicine River all appear to be strong, passionate women who do not rely on their male counterparts. One of the main characters, Bertha, is described as a “thick, handsome woman” who resides in Medicine River. She comes off as a very frontal and defensive person with a strong personality, however throughout the novel, she appears to become a more independent woman through her non-traditional beliefs. Bertha had talked to Will about how she had signed up for an online dating service, and how it had asked for personal information such as her age, height, and weight. Bertha exclaims that she believes that these aspects of a person do not determine whether they will be a good match. “Thats right, It’s none of their business, that stuff” (178, Medicine River). Bertha is independent and assertive, and makes a point to others about her non-traditional beliefs that...

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