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Medical Model Essay

  • Submitted by: menuka12
  • on March 24, 2012
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Models of abnormality are hypotheses as to the nature of psychological abnormalities. I am going to evaluate the three different models of psychological abnormality such as Medical Model, Behavioural Model   and Cognitive Model.  

Medical Model

It is the only abnormalities model that is not based on the psychological principles but based on the physical illnesses so that it can be treated and diagnosed in a systematic way.   It is true that physical illnesses are caused by diseases producing germs, genetic factors, biomedical imbalances or some changes to the nervous system which is also believed to be as a cause for mental illnesses. Hence, the medical model is a biological model. The model also suggests that psychological illnesses could and should be treated like any physical illness. For e.g. the patient having depression counted as a having a problem resulting in the imbalance of brain chemicals.

The psychological disorders are the result of biological factors. The physical illnesses   involves the specific symptoms such as blood pressure, heart diseases etc. where as mental illnesses, the symptoms are much more subjective e.g. hearing voices which cannot be measure and needed to make a judgement of an experience. This lead to an argument for treatments based on the biomedical model, as they can be criticised as focusing only on the symptoms of mental disorders but not the causes.   Szasz (1972) argued that mental illness is something that make people fear and cannot be understand. Also doctor do not know how to treat mentally ill. Mentally people are may have unpredictable and some harmful behaviours, therefore it is necessary to give sympathy for the avoidance to such behaviours. The psychologists criticised for focusing on symptoms and for assuming the relieving symptoms with drugs cures the problem. However, in many cases after the drug treatment is ceased to the patient, the symptoms are seems to be re occur again which...

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