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Medical Marajuana Essay

  • Submitted by: debba1
  • on March 23, 2012
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The Controversy of Medical Marijuana
    I believe marijuana to have good medical value as it can be used to treat various Conditions not limited to but including Cancer, Aids and Multiple Sclerosis.   I believe that it’s a safer alternative to prescription medication, having fewer side effects and causing a lot less harm then manmade drugs, in which we often do not know the long term effects of.   I believe the resistance is coming from the U.S. Government, as they try to paint it as a harmful drug so they can continue to make deals with the Pharmaceutical companies that generate billions of dollars.
    Maybe, we should be listening to the patients that are currently using marijuana.   If a cancer, Aids or Multiple sclerosis Patient is telling you they seek relief when using marijuana we should respect it and be happy that they can combat their condition with organic medicine. The alternative is prescription medication which may work, but can also have can have short term side effects as well as unknown long term effects.
    As many of us have taken prescription drugs at some point in our life, we know that the drugs taken may be useful for the condition in which we are taking them for but sometimes, the side effects tend to be far worse than the condition itself.   When picking up prescriptions from the pharmacy we get counseled by the pharmacist as to the directions and possible side effects.   Also included with each drug is a print out from the manufacturer listing all possible side effects some more serious than others.   It often makes me wonder why prescription drugs are pushed so heavily.
    I cannot help but think that the U.S. Government is not playing a big role in the controversy of medical marijuana.   As many know or have heard the pharmaceutical companies have many lobbyists in Washington D.C. paying big money for congressional support.   This is a trillion dollar business that uses its power and money to buy votes.   I know it is sad to think...

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