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Medical Error Essay

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  • on April 2, 2014
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A proposal of Medical error prevention program for X hospital in NSW

Terms of reference:

1.   Magnitude/Impact of the problem on the organization: In health care service the topmost issue now a days is medical error. In an organization, error free service is the most necessary and important factor. As health is a vital sector that deals with lives of people, error is totally unexpected from this industry. Moreover a single medical error can destroy the reputation of a health service giving organization. The Boston’s prestigious Dana-Farber Cancer Institute incidence in 1995 is an example in this regard (Ref. A Caralee et al 2000.)

2. Impact on patients and other consumers: obviously patients are the sufferer of this medical error and these sufferings cannot be measured in materialistic value. Some patients die, some become disabled and some become chronically ill.

3. Other impacts. The noticeable victim of a medical error is the patient; but there are some unnoticeable victims who are the medical staffs. Wu refers to them as the ‘second victim’ (ref- A W Wu 2000). Except some rare occasions medical errors are due to problems created by today's complex health care system But as a responsible professional, they feel guilty and regretful as being involved in a bad mistake which causes harm to his patient. But the most pathetic thing is that they can not express their feeling due to professional reputation or legal constrains. This guilty feeling impose adverse effects on their performance.

4. Potential benefit of addressing the problem: If most sophisticated and modern computer system is used for prescribing medicine, the cost will be got back within a year. But if reputation is gone for a mistake it will be very tough to recover. If an organization gets consumers satisfaction, it will be obviously benefited financially. Moreover value of reputation is great.

5. Costs of not addressing the problem: A serious error can take...

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