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Media in the Classroom. Uop Essay

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Media in the classroom

Can using media in the classroom create a better learning experience for a student?   Media is used as a visual form of teach enabling students to hone in on their analytical skills, communications skills, and problem-solving.   The media used in the classroom this week were videos, explaining definitions and problem-solving. Discussion questions, allowing communication between students.   Illustrations were found periodically throughout our reading, providing better insight to the study.   So, does this really help a student understand and retain information?   My opinion is yes.
Videos are used in the classroom as a learning tool.   Showing the user step by step problem solving, presenting new ideas and providing information.   In comparison to reading, it allows a complex idea or fact to be presented in a short amount of time.   The videos used this week allowed me to take in the information quickly and have a better understanding of the material.   At times, you can view the transcript of the video, I take in a lot more from watching the video, seeing the idea that is being presented, versus reading the information.
Another form of media used in the classroom is discussion questions.   Discussion questions provide a platform for users to exchange thoughts and ideas, interact with other students as well as the teacher.   Everyone explains things in their way and views things differently. When a question is being asked, and I am unsure, talking with others about it and hearing their responses helps to add clarity to the question being asked providing a better understanding.
Lastly, the online textbooks provided by the University of Phoenix in this class show illustrations throughout our reading.   These illustrations close the gap of confusion by piecing together a word with a picture.   The pictures catch the eye allowing me to remember more easily important information.   I feel this is a great simple way to enhance the learning...

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