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Mcdonald's Case Study

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McDonald’s menu needs to find its place in the quick-service food industry. As of right now, McDonald’s lacks identity. They changed almost everything including the many menu options, furniture, soda machines, and even the much-loved playground. This transformation greatly benefitted McDonald’s at first, but overtime consumers have been able to look past the smoke and mirrors and realize that it’s all just a hoax. Consumers can find coffee at other quick-service restaurants like Starbucks, Caribou Coffee, and Dunkin’ Donuts. Also, these other restaurants specialize in coffee and other breakfast items. McDonald’s has no chance among these competitors because their products are nowhere near the quality of these other “morning cafes”. If McDonald’s wants to thrive, they need to convert back into the burger joint industry because that’s where they made their mark as a company. McDonald’s did well as a fast food restaurant and they can continue to do so with a new menu that brings back the classics.
McDonald’s identity crisis also affects their priorities throughout the company and this can take their attention away from the real problems they should focus on. The article mentioned restaurants like Chipotle and Willy’s because these restaurants are stealing most of McDonald’s target audience. One obvious reason is that Chipotle offers fresher and more nutritious ingredients than McDonald’s, which is what the modern public looks for when choosing a quick restaurant for lunch. Although, a very key factor that I think many people overlook is that at Chipotle, Willy’s, or Moe’s you, the customer, are the chef. You are using your finger to create the exact lunch that you want. You get to see what you’re eating before someone just pulls it out of the kitchen for you and then accidentally forget to give you your extra pickles. If McDonald’s wants to survive its current predicament, they need to stop competing with the wrong competition and enter a market where they can really...

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