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Matsu In Samurai's Garden Essay

  • Submitted by: erinlove234
  • on March 22, 2012
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In The Samurai's Garden, the morals of a true samurai show through particularly clearly in one character. Throughout the development of the plot, Matsu continuously situates himself into a position where he helps other people, whether it is someone he truly loves, or someone he has grown fond of and developed a strong relationship with. Matsu's courage and want to assist people reveals his inner heart and his resemblance to the qualities of a Samurai.

One main aspect of Matsu's personality that resembles a Samurai is his desire to teach and help train the mind. His work with Stephen shows this as he opens Stephen up to new ideas and lets him experience new beautiful places like Sachi's garden. Matsu is the type of person that takes pleasure in aiding others in their journey through maturity and cultural growth. When Matsu takes Stephen to Sachi's garden, it is to enlighten him on scenery that he is not at all used to seeing. Stephen is amazed as he takes, "another long look at Sachi's garden before I (he) turned around and followed" (41). Stephen is taken back in awe by this beautiful garden in front of him and it is thanks to Matsu that Stephen can broaden his artistic self. Matsu also tries to expose Stephen to other types of people, like Sachi, and make him a more tolerant person. This is a very valuable lesson to be learned and for Matsu to help Stephen learn this lesson, it shows much about his character and approach towards people. Matsu is a very gracious person whose actions show him in a very respectable light. His positive morals define him as one who certainly resembles a samurai.

His compassion towards others, but especially towards Sachi, show that he is a wise, tolerant, and mature being. His relationship with Sachi demonstrates how he does not judge people by their outside appearance but by their personality, the crucial elements that make up a person's personality. Matsu is able to completely look past the physical deformities and look into...

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