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Math Ia Essay

  • Submitted by: Amoncur1
  • on April 16, 2015
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Math IA

Are a sample of student reaction times normally distributed?


Specifically with this data I plan to find how close the data is truly normally distributed or if the data is not at all.

In this investigation, I will be investigating if a sample of student reaction times are normally distributed. I have always been fascinated with reaction times because I play many games where quick reactions and split decisions need to be made, so figuring out if they are normally distributed within a group of people interests me. I expect to find that they will be in fact normally distributed with a few too little that are in the top and bottom percentages. My reasons for thinking this is because the average person does not have  an abnormally fast reaction time, unless you are either born with it or train to have faster reaction times. I say there are a few people that will be in the top and bottom percentages because by nature there will be those few who on one side of the spectrum have amazing fast reaction time, but on the other hand there are people who will have a slow reaction time. Now to collect all the data, I plan to use a reaction game, in which you have to click a button every time you see a sheep cross the screen. Note that the sheep will be moving at different speeds and may come at different times, so this takes out any bias or false data. I plan to acquire 50-75 range of participants, by going around and having them play the game, to ensure the data has a good spread and to make sure the data can be distributed.

I will group my data in intervals of equal times and complete a grouped frequency table. With the data and information collected, I will then draw a histogram to find out if my data is normally distributed, which means that it will have a sort of bell shape and be symmetrical. If this is the case, I will find the mean time and the standard deviations of the time. I will need these values because they are required...

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