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Math Anxiety Essay

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Mathematics Anxiety in Secondary Schools
In current education systems, mathematics anxiety is a pervasive issue that many secondary students encounter. The adverse consequences of mathematics related anxiety have been proved repeatedly in many researches. The researchers also suggest that mathematics anxiety has a negative correlation with mathematics performance. The purpose of this essay is to investigate the potential causes of mathematics anxiety,focusing on secondary education and to explore pedagogical strategieswhich could be applied in classroom by teachers to alleviate it. This essay will examine the definition of mathematics anxiety first. Then, it will shows that mathematics anxiety is caused bytwo categories, teachers’ influence and internal influence. Furthermore, there are four strategies explored in this essay, which are, improving teaching techniques and develop teachers’ positive attitudes about mathematics, using technology as a tool, creating supportive environment in classroom, usage of a range of assessments. Finally, this essay suggests that the combination of those four strategies could be an effective way to overcome mathematics anxiety.

Mathematicsis a significant and fundamental subject in secondary education globally. Mathematics knowledge is essential for high school students to pursue wide range of future careers such as engineering, science and even accounting.Additionally, mathematics ability is frequently regarded as an invaluable skill in real life. However, low mathematics achievement and enrollment have been concerned in many countries such as U.S (Buckley 2011 p. 1), England (Chinn 2008 p. 61) and Australia (Buckley 2011 p. 1).One of the barriers to learn mathematics is mathematics anxiety. Mathematics anxiety affects students of all ages but it impacts more in their adolescent years, particularly in secondary schools (Geist 2010; Legg & Locker 2009; cited in Blazer 2011). The reason its affects...

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