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Matching Events And Venue Essay

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Evaluating banqueting and events venues |
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Wedding reception – king Thames cruise
A cruise has been always considered a wonderful choice for an amazing and relaxing honeymoon getaway. However, now it has been considered not just a getaway choice, but also a wedding choice. It is given by the fact that a wedding is a unique date and because of this, it deserves a unique place.
Therefore my recommendation for the proposed wedding is that it takes place in a Thames cruise.
Justifying my recommendation:
  1. Cruises often have marriage licence, and Arcadian & King Cruises have it;
  2. Ceremony and the party can happen in the same place, which is very pleasant to most of guests;
  3. Unique place;
  4. Photos in different areas of the city, with different sights as backdrop, including the Big Ben, London Eye and Tower of London;
  5. Whilst the photographs are taken, welcome drinks and canapés are served and guests can enjoy the pleasant view;  
  6. It is not expensive as it looks like (between £59.00 and £94.00 per person) and still it is very luxurious;
  7. The capacities of their boats (170 guests) are perfect to host this wedding (120 guests).
After study my options very carefully, I decided that the only place that is definitely couldn’t be suitable to host this wedding is the Abbey Centre because it doesn’t have either the licence to sell alcohol or the licence for wedding ceremonies. However, a Thames cruise would be the most unique location; therefore it is a step towards a memorable wedding reception.
The museum would be a great option for a wedding too, since it is a unique and luxury place as well. However, it is more expensive than a cruise.
Medical conference – Pinewood Hotel
Based on the needs that a medical conference has, a hotel with conference facilities will be more suitable to host it.
If the conference is hosted in a hotel, guest speakers and delegates that...

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