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Mary Griffin at Derby Foods Essay

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In Shelburne’s report, and your observation at the brand review meeting, Simon shows a pattern of lack of empathy for his subordinates and intolerance for imperfection. Also, he does not understand his position’s boundaries and felt entitled to yell at the staff in production floor, which was out of his scope. In the brand review meeting, with scoffs, scorns, and contemptuous taunts, Simon has created a punitive atmosphere for his staff; he did not question the mistake might have resulted from lack of training or communication among his staff, which is his responsibility to investigate and resolve the issue.
  Simon’s management style is close to Theory X. He doesn’t think that his staff is offering and contributing to their job as much as he does. As a brand manager of a group whose job is heavily involved with creativity, flexibility and thinking out of box, Simon’s management has created a punitive and mistrust atmosphere that prevents his staff from sharing their points of view and challenging new ideas just like Simon did when he was an assistant. Also, this downfall of his management style will eventually lead to lower job satisfaction rate of his staff. The pro of his style is that he catches the flaws at early stage, which is also a very valuable skill and can save company time and money.
  Simon’s personality type is a combination of Obsessive-Compulsive and Narcissistic Personality. Having Obsessive-Compulsive personality, Simon has persistence, attention to detail and high standards. These traits cause restrictive and mistrusting management and can overwhelm and drive his staff crazy. However, if he handles these traits well, he has potential to be a conscientious manager which is what we want and always is a precious asset to the company (Textbook, p. 92). In addition, by being Narcissistic, he has a pattern of grandiosity, entitlement, lack of empathy for others' feelings or opinions (Personality at Work, p. 10). He easily blames others for a...

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