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Martha Stewart Essay

  • Submitted by: Jennblossom311
  • on April 15, 2015
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Jennifer Campbell

Professor Kaufman

English 091

23 March 2015

“It’s a Good Thing”

      Raised with strict discipline that instilled the value of self-sufficiency and domineering perfection, Martha Stewart created an empire that is alive and thriving today (encyclopedia.com).   In “10,000 Hours,” Malcolm Gladwell argues that role of preparation plays a bigger part than innate talent in the career paths of extraordinary people (576), and Martha Stewart is no exception.   Martha Stewart excelled as an entrepreneur through hard work, education, and self-promotion to become a household name in home fashion and creative cooking.

      Driven by self-supported hard work, Martha Stewart started her career in high school and put herself through college by working as a model in print ads and commercials.   In the 1950’s and 1960’s, modeling carried a prestige and was more than just clothes draped over androgynous women.   Martha declined a full scholarship to New York University due to the higher cost of living in New York City. Instead she chose to attend Barnard College with only a partial scholarship and paid the rest of her own tuition herself to study art history (encyclopedia.com).   Martha’s position was given a boost in 1961 when she was named by Glamour magazine as one of America's 10 best-dressed college students (encyclopedia.com).   Martha continued her thirst for greatness by working as a stock broker on Wall Street for close to a decade (Bio.com).   She made a six-figure salary which was higher than most of the men in her firm. Marriage and a child followed.   Martha decided to give up the fast life in New York to move to Connecticut and renovate an old farm house where she started her first catering business with a partner.   This evolved into a series of lucrative book deals and the beginning of her empire.

      Martha next achieved greatness through her home fashion lines, cooking shows, and books, and continued to fund her own productions. She then...

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