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Marketing Observation Theory Essay

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Rush KDR!
The event I chose to analyze for this assignment was a rush event for my fraternity, Kappa Delta Rho. I chose this event because it was an event where I was literally instructed to sit back and observe prospective brothers. As a way to get to know out prospects on a closer level, we held the event at a brother’s house on Grant Street, this past Monday. The objective for this event was extremely simple; find out who we liked and who we didn’t. Out of the 25-ish people there, about 10 of them were new prospects and the rest were brothers along with a few sorority sisters.
Through my observations I realized that almost all of the attendants were 18 to 19 year old college males. The majors ranged from education to sports medicine, but overall the expected lifestyles of these people were pretty much the same. Most of the guys, from what I found out, came from middle class white homes somewhere in the DMV area. Most of the guys came to the event to get to know the brotherhood they may be interested in joining, however some were there simply as moral support for the other more serious prospects. One thing that struck me as a surprise, but really shouldn’t have, was the freshman attitude most of these prospects had. They seemed almost juvenile in a sense. I would assume that the attitude perceived came mostly from the age of the guys, but it could have also been the presence of the 5 or 6 sorority girls that were in attendance.
To me, the number one thing that I believe motivated their attendance was the thought of a “frat party.” Now, being that I am a member of an ON CAMPUS brotherhood, the lack of alcohol came as a big surprise to the prospective new guys. Through my eyes it was simply another rush event, however to the 10 new prospects it was an eager attempt to open the door to the Greek World. I personally LOVE rush events, for two reasons:   one due to my love of meeting new people, and two because of the massive impact the word fraternity has on...

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