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Marketing Interim Report - Tunisia

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Interim Report - Tunisia
Socio-Economic Analysis
I.       Introduction
Briefly discuss what country you have chosen for your analysis and state the reasons.
Tunisia is one of the most developed countries in the African continent. For being such small country, Tunisia has received a lot of attention during the past years. The Arab spring sparked in this country and a wave of change which took the North African countries and the Middle East. Tunisia is located in the northern most part of African along the Mediterranean which makes the country well placed geographically for trade.   There are several trade agreements between Tunisia and the European Union countries which was one of the reasons we chose this particular country. The development and transition, from a one party rule in almost 30 years, to creating a new constitution and a democracy.
II.     Social institutions in the country of choice writing guide
A.     Family writing guide
1.   The nuclear family – A couple is not considered a family until they have had their first child, where sons are often preferred over daughters. Since the male is what carries the family name and creates the next generation of that particular family. Many children are also preferred.
2.   The extended family – can consist of up to 200 members, since every family consist of several children.

3.   Dynamics of the family
a. Parental roles – the mother is the one that is responsible for the upbringing of the children. She is often at home with the children or taking care of the shores inside the home, but during the last decade this has changed. It is very common that the mother has a job.   The father’s main role is to make sure that his family has what it needs.
b. Marriage and courtship – minimum age of 18 is required to enter a marriage. Both men and women have the freedom to pick their own partner. But the parents certainly have a role, since they have to agree on the chosen partner. Polygamy is strictly forbidden...

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