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Marketing Essay

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This quarter in Marketing we have been focusing on the collection of data on a larger scale than just our classroom. In this particular research we are trying to decide what students clothing interests are so we know what to invest in to make the most profit in our school store that hasn't seen much light in the past years. Each group consisting of anywhere from two to four students has constructed a survey asking different multiple choice or yes/no questions. Before we send these surveys out to the rest of the school, we have sent them to our fellow classmates to gain insight on what may have to be added or seized. With our effort of sending out these surveys we hope to receive enough data to make our choices based on what most of the many unique demographics at our school would like to purchase. While it is nearly impossible to please everyone, we can provide a majority with things that they can enjoy. Our results seem to be very generic, as I look into now knowing exactly what we needed to get out of the results we did not ask the best questions. But, some important information has come out of this. We had 14 people complete our survey from the class, eight 10th graders and six 11th graders. We confirmed an obvious liking of the color blue as our apparel color with a total of nine votes, we also learned that nine people say that they would spend $15 on a item which is pretty interesting. While looking at the actual items that people would like us to invest in we come back with the same result as previous years, sweatshirts win the poll with nine votes and from our other column we pull that people would be more likely to buy thundersticks than rally towels. The one part that I think did not get enough information to make a decision is our logo portion of the survey, the results are just too close at the “Seahorse” with five votes, the saying “HORSES” at six votes, and the classic “BHS” with three votes. The factors that may or may not have affected our data are...

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