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Marco Polo Essay

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  • on March 24, 2012
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There were many famous people who were known for their great adventures and their great knowledge about other country. Marco Polo was one of them. Marco Polo was the first person introduced the East to European.
Marco Polo was born in 1254, in Venice, Italy. He was born into a wealthy merchant family and he was the first person introduce China to the West. In 1260, Marco Polo’s father and uncle, Nicolo and Maffeo Polo, set out on their first journey east. In 1265, they arrived at the court of Mongol Emperor, Kublai Khan. After four years, they returned to Venice before Kublai Khan requesting that they bring back 100 priests and holy oil.
In 1271, Marco Polo accompanied his father and uncle on another journey east, passing through Armenia, Persia, Afghanistan and the Silk Road to China. The travellers reached China and renewed their friendship with Kublai Khan. The Polo’s lived and worked in his court for 17 years acquiring great wealth in jewels and gold. However, they felt homesick and wanted to go back home. Kublai Khan was 70 years old and the Polos feared that if Kublai Khan were to die, they could not bring wealth back to Venice.
In 1292, Kublai Khan allowed the Polos to leave China but had to accompany Princess Kokachin and her wedding party to Persia. Princess Kokachin to Persia with 600 passengers but only 18 survived after the journey because storms and pirate attacks. After 2 years, the ship finally landed pier at Ormuz in Persia.
After the wedding celebration, the Polos arrived back in Venice in 1295 and they earned the respect of the city by showing off their wealth. At that time, Venice was currently at war with Genoa and Marco Polo was made commander of a Venetian galley in the war against Genoa. He was taken as prisoner of war by the Genoese. While in prison, he met a writer called Rustichello of Pisa. Marco Polo dictated to Rustichello stories of his travels and experiences in China, which then became a book “ the...

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