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Managment and Leadership Essay

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Chirag Makhija
MGMT 4020
Conflicts Essay
Conflict is a normal process that occurs in various circumstances. Being aware of behavior is important because this is where conflict becomes visible. Intensions which are a part of behavior can also be measured by the ability to be cooperative, uncooperative, assertive, or unassertive. I am experiencing three types of conflict with my group members from UGA acapella singing group. In the group, I am dealing with conflict relating to task, relationship, and process.

When I first joined the acapella group, it was evident that I would have relationship conflicts. I felt like everyone was envious toward me. As everyone presented their songs, it was obvious that my skills exceeded the caliber of the group. I sensed that everyone’s personal matters would soon be a problem. Since there were group solos, I had to collaborate with almost every member. I found their personalities to be reserved and snobby, which did not motivate me to want to come back.

Later on, I missed two practices. My group members started acting differently toward me. I asked the director what was going on, and she replied by saying that “they believe it is unfair for me to join the group in the middle of the semester, yet miss rehearsals so early.” Here, my disagreement is related to process conflict. I believe there should be an attendance policy so that everyone can follow rules, and expect consequences if not obeyed. By not having set policies and procedures the group is unorganized. I mentioned this issue to the director, however, she replied in a harsh voice, “We will deal with that at a later time if need be.” Her intentions seem to be assertive and uncooperative.

Not only is structure a problem but the communication presents a bigger dilemma. I have several medical issues that I refuse to discuss with other students. I believe they should be accommodating to my needs without explanation, especially if they accepted me by audition. I find it...

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