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Managing Talent Essay

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MANAGING TALENT: Can Yahoo Still Attract Tech Workers

MANAGING TALENT: Can Yahoo Still Attract Tech Workers?

      In the economy of today, attracting the best talent is not only important, it is also rare. Many executives say that attracting the best talent is a top priority but they still face unending challenges when trying to fill skilled positions. Yahoo is an example of such companies that find it hard to retain talented employees. The challenges yahoo faces range from low supply of skilled and talented labor, to lack of the ability to retain talented employees. While in other fields the supply of skilled and talented employees is high and there is a lot of talent to choose from, in the information and technology field, there is great demand for talented employees, yet too little talent to choose from (Frank, Finnegan & Taylor, 2004). To create an environment that talented people can develop is an effective way of attracting and retaining employees.

      Talented employees are motivated by the opportunities to grow. Such employees flock the organizations that offer them sufficient opportunities to develop their talents. When organizations offer their employees opportunities to grow, retention becomes a non-issue to them. When people are growing their talents more rapidly than they would have in other organizations, they would have no reason to leave (Gerhart, Hollenbeck, Noe & Wright, 2009). Yahoo being a web search company needs a lot of employees who are skilled and talented in the field of technology. The demand for labor at Yahoo is therefore high, while the supply is low. In other fields, there is a high supply of labor and organizations have a lot of talent to choose from. Yahoo on the other is faced by the problem of having too little talent from which to choose. Competition for highly skilled information technology workers is high (Gerhart, Hollenbeck, Noe & Wright, 2009).

      To address the problem of attracting and retaining...

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