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Managerial Jobs Are the Same in Both Large and Small Organisations Essay

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In order to determine whether managerial roles are alike in different sized   organisations we need to understand the role managers or managerial roles play within an organisation, as well as explore different organisational sizes and structures to ascertain whether all managerial roles are comparable irrespective of size.

There are basic principles of how to manage, but they would be applied differently in different situations.

By definition a manager is an organisational member who integrates and co-orodinates the work of others.   (Robbins et al. 2003, Management, 3rd ed, p. 7 Management is not homogeneous and is undertaken at all levels of an organisation. Managers generally share common job characteristics and titles although their work responsibilities may vary. In organisations, the traditional configuration of management include three distinct levels - Top Managers, Middle Managers and First-Line Managers:

Top Managers are at (or near) the highest level of management who are overall responsible for making decisions for the entire company. They are involved with the long-term operations and goals of the company and emphasise how the company interacts with the external world. They are likely to have the titles of vice president, president, managing director, chief operating officer, chief executive officer (CEO) or chairman of the board. Large companies have all these titles although one finds that the same person is often chair of the board and CEO or CEO and President.
Robbins et al. 2003, Management, 3rd ed, p. 6

Middle Managers are at all levels of management who are responsible for implementing and carrying out the directives of the executives of the top managers. Middle managers are typically responsible for translating the plans, goals and objectives that have been developed by the top managers.   In small companies, a middle manager may have only one level above and no...

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