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Management Principles Amy's Bread Case Essay

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      The European Union refers to and economic as well as a political partnership that stands for a cooperation of 27 present member countries (Kral, 2010). The formation of the union relies on the integration theory concepts, where the first aim of the integration was to have common cooperative strategies deal with conflicts (Gligorov, 2012). Within the concept of integration is the notion of economic integration that encompasses deepening, an idea that refers to the Union responsibilities in agreement with the integration theory, that is economic and enlargement areas. Enlargement in this case concerns the supply of the union goods, aimed at realizing institutional, economic, and political changes. Despite, the subscribing to such concepts of the integration theory, the European Union has been rocked by the economic crisis that begun at the United States. The Europe countries financial crisis have spark protests, while the leaders with the European union countries deliberate on hammering out the strategy aiming at saving euro, the protesters from the cash-strapped states from the union take to the street to oppose the austerity measures (The Washington Post). As such, the future of the European Union in the face of the present financial and economic crisis is the central theme of this paper.

      The Euro problem is a direct result of the crash of 2008. The period which the Lehman Brothers botched, the whole financial system begun to collapse and was administered with artificial life support. This move encompassed substitution of the sovereign credit of states for the bank and numerous other credits that had collapsed. Angela Merkel by then intoned that the guarantee needed to be exercised by every European country individually, contrary to the euro zone or the European Union acting as a complete body. Such comments propagated the seeds of the Euro problems, since it unearthed and activated concealed weakness within euro construction. In the...

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