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Management Information System Essay

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College of Business and Hospitality Management
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Nicholas Carr Article Critique

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M. Senior
MGMT485 Management Information Systems
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Keshaune Miller 11100030
Kish-Wayne Wade  


This article was published in August/July 2008 by Nicholas Carr, the title of the article is, “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” The article basically speaks of the characteristic of the internet and how its affects us negatively. The article speaks about the fact that the internet is making us mere readers of information in the age where information is reached with the click of a finger. This causes us to lose our patience, interest and abilities to read books. The article speaks about how the internet changes the way we think and process information, is speaks of how our brain respond to technological changes and practices. The brain is able to adapt to new technologies and environments but the internet is diminishing our cognitive abilities, affecting our level of concentration and observation. The articles causes us not to want to be readers of book and other hard copy literacy materials, instead we read or skim over articles that are found on the internet. Usually people took days and years to compile a research through sound research in books, observations, and surveys, case studies, now researcher take minute or hours to compile a research paper. (Carr, 2008)
In this article it shows how the internet affects our cognitive abilities. It affects out level of patience, creativity, knowledge, skills, attitudes, interest and our level of concentration and contemplation. The article has increased and improved our level of knowledge and understanding on how the internet affects our brain and our abilities. The article was well organized and developed and the position of the writer was clear on if the internet is making us stupid. The...

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