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Management Essay

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Below is an essay on "Management" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Question 1
Imagine that a small manufacturing company decides to invest in a materials resource planning (MRP) system. This is a computerized information system that improves efficiency by automating workplace tasks of planning needs for resources, ordering materials, and scheduling work on the shop floor. The company hopes that with the introduction of new MRP system, it can increase its market share by processing small orders for a variety of products quickly and efficiently.
  * Discuss any five human resource functions that are likely to be affected by the change described in the question above. Explain your answer.

Question 2
A small locally based furniture company [ABC Limited] manufactures special-order wood furniture has kept its employees busy on a 40-hours-a-week schedule for the past two years. The company has recently received the largest contract in its history from an Australian counterpart. ABC Limited does not anticipate a repeat business of similar magnitude in future. ABC Limited needs to source additional skilled labor at a very short notice to complete the contract within the stipulated time of one month. Being the human resource manager ABC Limited.
  * Explain how you intend to source your labor supply to meet your current contractual obligations. [You can mention any 3 to 4 strategies learnt in the course].

Question 3
Due to an economic downturn in the local economy, organization XYZ had decided to operate its facility in another country.
  * Explain how HRM can support this transition/ change.

Question 4
A local chamber of commerce has invited you to present a paper on the magnitude of sexual harassment practices in small and medium sized organizations.
  * Prepare a speech on sexual harassment concerns [in an essay format] addressing the following issues:
Definition and major types of sexual harassment practices prevalent in organizations
Policies and legislations to prevent such behavior
Long term...

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