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Maltese Falcon the Ugly Essay

  • Submitted by: elizabethbell
  • on August 19, 2015
  • Category: History
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Elizabeth Bell
The Maltese Falcon
        The Maltese Falcon brought out the worst in people. Social Contracts were broken and the characters went to great lengths to get ahold of the power the Maltese Falcon gave you. The characters would become dangerous and were willing to kill whoever crossed into their path. The practices of deceit and greed were the reoccurring themes throughout the story. Every man and women were only looking out for themselves when it comes to getting ahold of the Maltese Falcon.
        Each character knew money was in the future of whoever got their hands on the Maltese Falcon. This made them specifically greedy as the valuable bird went through the hands of their acquaintances. For the three antagonists, Gutman, Cairo, and Brigid money is the only things on their minds. Gutman even comments that Spade reminds him of his son, however as he thinks, one can get another son but there is only one Maltese Falcon. Brigid killing Arthur, Spades partner, is an example of the lengths that they were willing to go to all in the name of money. Sam Spade even gets in on the action, and is looking to make a good amount of money from doing this investigation. Spade lets the three know that they are welcome to his services, however it will cost them. Spade knows not to trust the three at all, but sticks with them because he knows the money will be good. They all pay Spade throughout the story for more and more information on the whereabouts of the falcon. When Gutman asks for Spade for his services on fetching the Falcon, Spade is promised thousands or even millions of dollars which keeps Spade interested in the case. Once Spade brings the bird to Gutman, even though it is a fake, he still benefits from the whole case by getting some money out of Gutman.
        Deceit comes hand in hand with the incredible greed, and is another negative characteristic that the characters have. No one can be trusted. Brigid is a great example of someone...

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