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Malaysia Essay

  • Submitted by: gadoshh
  • on April 18, 2015
  • Category: History
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Malaysia is a wonderful country to live in, the people are so friendly welcoming and honest which only makes you wonder how an abomination such as Tenby International school can exist there, The School has 3 sites in Malaysia the biggest and their ‘flagship’ is at Setia Eco Park, this is the one I work at and would like to comment on.The school is run as a business with profit being very definitely at the top of its list and unfortunately staff and children do not even seem to be taken into consideration. To an outside observer visiting the school all appears well, new buildings that appear well equipped, but one doesn’t have to scratch far below the surface before you realize you can apply that old saying ‘fur coat and no underwear’.The school looks as though it is bristling with IT equipment with a computer in every classroom and three well equipped ICT labs. However ask the class teacher what they use their computers for and most will tell you that it is no use because the school will not buy any software. Sit down in one of the ICT labs try to gain internet access, you will have no luck, the school only has an internet connection smaller than most people have in their own home, to make things worse the children can not print their work because the printers don’t work. I certainly would not recommend that you try and take any work home with you as the system is riddled with viruses because the school will not purchase anti virus software.Then comes the DT department, again bristling with computers and machinery you might be excused for thinking how new it looks, and you would be right, it is as good as the day it was bought, because the children can not use it, again the school refusing to spend money on the necessary software.Everywhere round the school you will hear the same story, departments that can not use their resources, a huge drama studio, nothing in it, sports hall, nothing in it.The international staff most of whom have been there since it opened and...

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