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Main Characters of a Doll House Essay

  • Submitted by: zezobee
  • on April 3, 2014
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*    NoraNora is the main character of the play. She is very materialistic and enjoys the finer things in life. She is submissive with her husband and flirtatious with his friend. She plays herself as an innocent woman without much worldly knowledge when in reality she knows far more.This gown is the style worn between 1899 – 1900 in light pink with a purple stripe running through it. Purple was still a choice color because of the discovery of the purple synthetic dye earlier in the 1800s.
  *    4. TorvaldTorvald is Nora’s husband. He works at a bank and just received a promotion. In this costume he will is just at home with his wife and their company. Torvald is a rather serious man who enjoys having power over others.He is wearing a white button down shirt, a jacket and tan/brown trousers. He is also wearing a four-in-hand tie.
  *    5. ChristineChristine is Nora’s friend from school. She is a widow and has no children. She has come to see Nora and Torvald because she is in need of a job and wishes to be hired at Torvald’s office.Since we are at the end of the Victorian era, Christine is wearing all black since her husband has passed away. She has on a slightly shorter dress for traveling and she is wearing black boots. She is wearing a cape since it is winter time and she is also wearing a veil.
  *    6. Dr. RankDr. Rank is Torvald’s friend who is in love with Nora. He is a sickly man who has a very quirky personality. He is a charming man who is down on his luck, but is always a good friend, as well as a flirtatious one, to Nora.Dr. Rank is wearing a black morning coat which was worn during this time. He is also wearing a double-breasted waist coat and pin striped pants. He is wearing a white button down shirt and a four-in-hand tie.
  *    7. KrogstadKrogstad is an employee at the bank Torvald works at who will be relieved from his job. He has a plan to blackmail Nora who took out a loan without Torvald’s knowledge or permission. He is a sad man...

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