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Macbeth Script In My Own Words Essay

  • Submitted by: Pittguy
  • on March 24, 2012
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Banquo (in his head)- I know Macbeth killed Duncan and I'm going to prove it.  

Macbeth- I'm going to call a hit on Banquo and Fleance because he is the only other person besides you who knows about the prediction by the witches.

Lady Macbeth- you cannot call a hit on Banquo. You're at the top and have everything to lose as opposed to Banquo who has nothing to lose.

Macbeth- but he will ruin my name by letting everyone know that I killed Duncan.   Everyone loved Duncan and I killed him, that makes me the bad guy here.

Lady Macbeth- But if you kill him and people find out that you killed him you'll be executed and left with nothing except a bad name.  

Macbeth- That's a risk im willing to take, now back off woman.   First. You convince me to kill now you tell me not to kill? I don't follow you?

Lady Macbeth- before you weren't king and had nothing to lose, now you have everything to lose, do you not see that you stubborn jackass?

Macbeth- I'm the king dammit! I will kill who I want!

Lady Macbeth exits in disgust

Macbeth hires the hit man and orders the hit on Banquo and Fleance

Banquo Is killed but Fleance escapes

Macbeth- you didn't kill Fleance!!!! You're lucky that I don't kill you now!!!

Hit man 1- we attacked Banquo first and he rode away the second we struck

Macbeth- why wouldn't you attack them simultaneously? You call yourselves hit man HA I know retards who could kill better than you pussies!

Hit man 2- your highness, we have used this method and it has never failed, I am still in disbelief myself over this.   Please spare us our lives sir and we promise that we will kill Fleance.

Macbeth- he better be dead within 24 hours or I will hang your asses!

Both Hit men- we promise your highness!

Macbeth- good, now go kill him!

Both Hit men- yes sir!

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