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Macbeth Notes Essay

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  • on April 3, 2014
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Act 1, scene 4 and 7
King Duncan
The thanes, Ross, Lennox.

Duncan and Malcolm discuss the execution of Cawdor.
→ Cawdor is dead and confessed treason
Duncan: “a gentleman in whom I built an absolute trust”
→ ENTER MACBETH (the king trusts Macbeth)
It is called – dramatic irony, a device used in literature. (The audience knows that something awful would happened, but the actors don’t know)

Macbeth’s speech to Duncan:
→ Saying he expects nothing in return for his valiant deed.
→ Proving to Duncan that he will be his loyal servant → if there’s something he is not, it is loyal (he later kills the king)
→ Duncan: Pronouns Malcolm “the prince of Cumberland” → enacts primogeniture.
Macbeth hates this →   he was first in line to the throne.

Macbeth’s soliloquy (when characters talks to themselves or think out loud, often express feelings/desires):
“My black and deep desires”: to kill the king.
→ “For in my way it lies” → Malcolm just became an extra obstacle. Without Malcolm in his way, Macbeth did not have to kill Duncan. (Macbeth has to kill the king’s sons)

CONTRAST: Between what Macbeth are saying publicly and his own bloody desire.

Roles in society:
King Duncan


Thanes – noblemen
Clergymen’s – people from the church



Aristotle: theory of the order of the world.

God was on top. Earth was the center of the universe
The king had a God-ordained position → the divine right of kings (chosen to be king)
An attempt to assassinate the king was an “attack” on God an the order of the world.

Aristotle’s world order:
Duncan represents God
Heavenly order
Divine hierarchy

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