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Luxury Watches Essay

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Question 5
If we compare the answers of potential and present users (Exhibit 1 and 4), we’ll note in both cases a psychological need to position themselves, but the latter are more self-confident.
The actual consumers wants to display their status by associating themselves to premium brands, they purchase products which offer symbolic and experiential benefits rather than just practice benefits.
In addition to the real need to have a watch, they wear a premium version for the need to aesthetic appeal, self-expression, sense of belonging and prestige.
The potential users are represented by people in their thirties and forties, generally CEOs, senior professional, belonging to higher socio-economic strata.
Manca il confronto tra l’ex 2 e il 5.

Question 6
The Indian consumers are increasingly exposed to global brands, and so they give more importance to aesthetic aspect.
Titan should start from consumers’ mind, so when they need or even think to something, their choice fall exactly on what the firm offers.
The right strategy is linked to the ability to combine a premium watch with values, in which the customers identify themselves.
Titan should consider several factors in order to gain their approval:
  * Premium watch consumer associate value and quality to swiss-made tag;
  * The name have to be unique and recognizable: XYLYS
  * It should create a product targeted to unconventional and bold consumer;
  * Using as sponsor people, icon of local success;
  * Promote a slogan which create a relationship with customer: “ You don’t possess a XYLYS, it possesses you”.

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