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Lumnay's Letter

  • Submitted by: Yncessy
  • on August 20, 2015
  • Category: English
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2nd letter
As Awiyao uttered those words, I couldn’t find anything in my heart but bitterness and hurt. I can’t fight this feeling anymore. Heedlessly, I drag the rattan that keeps the split bamboo flooring in place. I kept doing this until I’m satisfied. No, I can never be satisfied knowing that Awiyao will leave me and marry that girl.   The loud gong of the dancers – which seems inviting – can be clearly heard through the walls of the house. Suddenly, Awiyao went near me. He then took a coconut cup, dipped it on the top jar – which I have filled from the mountain creek early that evening – and drank.
What he said next made me feel worthy of living. “I came home because I did not find you among the dancers. Of course, I am not forcing you to come if you don’t want to join my wedding ceremony. I came to tell you that Madulimay, although I’m marrying her, can never become as good as you are. She is not as strong in planting beans, not as fast in cleaning water jars, not as good in keeping the house clean. You are one of the best wives in the whole village,” he declared. I suppressed a smile and said, “That hasn’t done me any good, has it?” He put the coconut cup aside and came closer to me afterwards. He held my face between his hands and stared at me longingly. No. This can’t be. He shouldn’t be doing that for he will be marrying Madulimay. He’ll not be mine starting tomorrow. I’m too hurt and I can’t afford another batch of knives that will stab my heart. So, I looked away. He let me go and I stoop to the floor again and stared at my fingers. He exclaimed that this house is mine and that he wants me to live in it for as long as I wish but then I replied, “I have no need for a house. I’ll go to my own house. My parents are old. They will be needing my help in planting of the beans, in the pounding of the rice.” I just rejected him and I don’t know what to feel. “I guess going back to my parents would be the best option for now,” I said in mind and stifled a deep...

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