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Love Essay

  • Submitted by: jessicaheyyy
  • on March 22, 2012
  • Category: Arts and Music
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There's just a few little short and sweet things I'd love for you to know, honey...
It started with a friend request...
You've made me a better person,
You swept me off my feet,
You make me feel complete,
I'm so happy you're mine.
You're my life, my everything...
We have a 'forever' that will last.
Our memories are indescribable,
You are my dream come true.
I cannot wait to start a family with you.
I am truly happy when I'm by your side.
Forever and ever is our plan,
Amongst millions of other people, we found each other.
You're everything, and so much more.
You're just like heaven to me.
I don't care what anyone thinks,
Even though everyone is convinced this will last...
It's a forever kind of love.
All my dreams have come true,
You will always be my prince charming.
You're all I ever think about.
You were my true summer love,
You're my favorite August memory.
Your arms make me feel safe,
You're my best friend.
You're a dork, and I love it.
We are the definition of 'High School Sweethearts'.
We can get through anything together.
I miss you so much when you're away,
I trust you with my heart.
Without you I am nothing.
I love your hugs, kisses, and everything in between.
You're simply perfect, in every way possible.
I've waited so long for this,
You're my hero, baby...
I cannot picture my life without you.
Someday, we will travel the world together,
My heart will always be yours.
I will always stand by your side.
I love you way beyond belief.
Longer than forever, whatever it takes...
You've changed my entire life, permanently.
Your smile always makes me smile.
I'm always so proud of you.
Seeing you makes my day so perfect.
You are my one and only.
I've given you my heart.
You're everything I'd hoped you'd be...
You tell me I'm beautiful all the time.
You wipe my tears when I cry.
Nobody has given me butterflies like you do,
When I'm with you, nothing is impossible.
With you, I can be myself.
Our summer together...

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