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Lord Of The Rings Essay

  • Submitted by: julieangel
  • on March 24, 2012
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The Lord of the Rings: the longest fable ever told
      It is no secret that The Lord of the Rings has been one of the most beloved trilogies ever written. It has conjured up a fanatical group of followers over its history. The question is why is this book so beloved? Why when we pick up this book are we so enthralled with it? What about this book keeps us coming back for more? I believe for this book that it is because it has so many great messages hidden inside a package wrapped with adventure. A book becomes great when we can relate to its messages and characters very deeply. The never ending battle of good versus evil goes on to this day all around us. This book tells us everything that we should and should not do in our lives. It is like reading the entire collection of Aesop’s fables at one sitting. I don’t think that I have ever been so moved to laughter and tears by written words. The morals of this story are the reasons that I will list for its greatness.
      I will start with a fierce warning against the evils of greed. The dwarves of Moria were a great and powerful race. They lived in this particular mountain because they could find the mithril ore no where else in the world. It was very light but very hard, excellent for making weapons and armor. They became very greedy and delved deeper and deeper into the ground to keep there supply coming. They were warned that evil things lie deep in the ground, but they did not heed these warnings. It was there doom. Every dwarf died fighting the evil that sprung out of the ground. Many years later a band of dwarves set out to retake Moria and they were repaid for their greed with the same price. You cannot see where your feet are falling when your eyes are on the prize.
      Next is a fiercer warning on ambition and being kind to the environment. The evil of Saruman in this realm spread far and wide. He was merely secondary to Sauron, but he had ambitions of his own to take over the top spot. His ambition...

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