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Lord Of The Flies Persuasive Essay

  • Submitted by: evanescencelover
  • on March 22, 2012
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The person   who is the most guilty for the murders of Simon and Piggy and for the actions that had occurred leading up to said murders was neither Ralph nor Roger, but Jack Merridew. The reasons and facts proving this accusation is indisputable.
The testimonies of the many witnesses during the trial stated nothing but many negative statements against the defendant Jack Merridew. According to one of the boys, Winifred, Jack had him brutally beaten. And when asked for the reason as to why he was beaten, Winifred stated that he was never made aware of a reason. According to another defendant, Roger, Jack threatened the other boys into doing whatever Jack wanted them to do. He threatened them with beatings and other ways of humiliation. For example he also told the other boys to use the “liluns” as pigs in their dances depicting their hunts, as stated by Roger. Also, according to defendant Ralph, Jack was hungry for power and control. Jack used threats, food, and “fun” to gain control of the boys and start his own tribe until Ralph had no more power, and control and unity was gone. In addition, twins Samneric stated that after Piggy was murdered, Jack ordered two boys to kidnap them.
Even in his own testimony, Jack seemed to frame himself. He admitted to stealing control and chiefdom from Ralph, and he admitted to bullying Piggy. Jack also admitted to ordering two boys of his tribe to kidnap the twins. Jack also admitted that he did believe that all you need to survive is not the need to be rescued but to have the ability to hunt for food. But also in his testimony, Jack claimed he did not have power over the boys’ actions and did not force them to do something they would not of done anyways, can be debated to be false due to the fact that Jack not only admitted to using force and threats on the boys in his testimony but the boys that were in his tribe claimed that as well.
A final reason Jack Merridew can be linked to the murders that had occurred on the island is...

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