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Lord of the Flies Essay

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  • on April 14, 2015
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Mike Weissman
Ms. Burgin
9th Grade English Honors

  1.   This chapter is called “Huts on the Beach”, for Ralph is beginning to realize that shelter is one of the
most important issues on the island. The children are having difficulty creating sufficient huts and this
is causing their leader quite a bit of grief. It seems that the boys on the island are not focused enough
to complete the fairly tedious job of building shelter.

  2.   Ralph criticizes Jack because the “hunters” are clearly not helping in the building of shelters in any
way. Jack is spending all of his time attempting to catch a pig and, even though he has yet to be
successful, he continues to commit his days to this job. Ralph has noticed that the hunting is not
resulting in any food, so he has become quite upset that Jack has not helped in the shelter building
process. Part of Ralph’s frustration comes from the fact that even the boys who begin to help him
build have very short attention spans. It is a nearly impossible feat to make any of the children
concentrate on a serious job for more than an hour.

  3.   There are two groups of older children within this book, one of which is led by Ralph and one that is
led by Jack. Ralph leads a group that includes Piggy and Simon, who are truly dedicated to the well-
being of everyone on the island and are trying desperately to make proper decisions on behalf of all of
the boys. Jack’s group has become obsessed with the act of hunting. All of the time they spend
hunting – without any success – could be spent helping the rest of the boys by building shelters or
thinking of ways to be rescued. It seems that, while Ralph and his group’s goals are focused on group
survival, Jack’s goals are very short-term and are specifically about the gratification that would come
from capturing an animal.

  4.   Simon’s reason for traveling into the jungle alone is unclear, but it can be presumed that he is...

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