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Loneliness Essay

  • Submitted by: marsli
  • on April 17, 2015
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The closing doors on “Where is Everybody” represent the main character was fighting against with loneliness. The closing doors are shown twice in the “Twilight Zone Episode”. First, he was locked a telephone booth. He ran into the telephone booth immediately when he heard the phone rang. He picked up the phone, but nobody answered him. The call was just a recording on the phone. He made a phone call, but the phone nothing to came. he was nervous, and he did not know what is going on. Before he goes out of the phone booth, he tries to open the door for many times. Through this event, the loneliness of the main character is indicated by he imagines making a phone call with someone. He longs for someone to communicate with him. Secondly, he was almost put in a jail when he went to the police office. Before the door was closed, he pulled the door again. Both events are revealed the main character is alone in the town without any helps from others. He is going to start a new life that is a challenge. The challenge for him is that he has to undergo the emotions of being bored, lonely, afraid and panic in a community. He also has to face the reality and finds a way to solve because he has no choices. The closing door is a symbol of he is going to go to a trip alone without companions and any helps. It is really lonely. The closing door is also a symbol of he was going to a locked box for 484 hours and 36 minutes.
The main character in the theater where he learns he is an air force. This event has a further meaning that he believes these things happened in real. Before he knew he was an air force, he experienced many strange things such as the music is automatic stopped, and the food was cooked at the cafe shop by itself. He also heard the bell was rung, nobody was in town, and the town was so quiet. A mannequin was in a car. A telephone rang, but nobody answered. A cigar was smoked in the police office. The water was going in the jail. Last, he fund a book which is...

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