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Locus of Control Essay

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  • on April 3, 2014
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Locus of Control Assessment
For each pair of statements, circle the item that best describes your beliefs.
a. Grades are a function of the amount of work students do.
b. Grades depend on the kindness of the instructor.
a. Promotions are earned by hard work.
b. Promotions are a result of being in the right place at the right time.
a. Meeting someone to love is a matter of luck.
b. Meeting someone to love depends on going out often in order to meet many people.
a. Living a long life is a function of heredity.
b. Living a long life is a function of adopting healthy habits.
a. Being overweight is determined by the number of fat cells you were born with or developed early in life.
b. Being overweight depends on what and how much food you eat.
a. People who exercise regularly set up their schedules to do so.
b. Some people simply don't have the time for regular exercise.
a. Winning at poker depends on betting correctly.
b. Winning at poker is a matter of being lucky.
a. Staying married depends on working at the marriage.
b. Marital breakup is a matter of being unlucky in choosing the wrong marriage partner.
a. Citizens can have some influence on their governments.
b. Citizens can do nothing to affect governmental functioning.
a. Those skilled at sports are born well coordinated.
b. Those skilled at sports work hard learning the skills.
a. People with close friends are lucky to have met people with whom to be intimate.
b. Developing close friendships takes hard work.
a. Your future depends on whom you meet and on chance.
b. You future is up to you.
a. Most people are so sure of their opinions that their minds cannot be changed.
b. A logical argument can convince most people.
a. People decide the direction of their lives.
b. For the most part, we have little control over our futures.
a. People who do not like you simply do...

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